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Soundeffekte   Die iPhoneapp "Hear - Advanced Listening" hilft sich besser konzentrieren zu können, indem sie Umgebungsgeräusche filtert oder selbst Geräuschkulissen erzeugt.

Gerade in lauteren Umgebungen wie z. B. in einem Lehrerzimmer :-) ist es schwierig, konzentriert zu arbeiten. Hier kann die App zumindest etwas helfen. Dazu filtert die App die per Mikrofon registrierten Geräusche und versucht diese zu filtern bzw. ihnen gegenzusteuern. Das klappt je nach Geräuschquelle mal mehr mal weniger. Ein Versuch schadet aber sicherlich nicht. Zusätzlich kann die App auch noch Geräuschkulissen erzeugen, die beim Entspannen helfen sollen. In der Grundversion ist die App kostenlos. Zum Testzeitpunkt funktionierte App allerdings nur mit kabelgebundenen Kopfhörern.

Hier kommt noch die Appbeschreibung des Herstellers:

"This app gives you unlimited control over real-world sound. Simply plug in your existing headphones and listen through one of the 7 free filters and 2 new paid filters!

‟It’s like legal drugs with no side effects - it’s fantastic” PHARRELL WILLIAMS

It harmonizes your hearing to help you be less distracted and reduce stress. It filters your acoustic environment, takes out harsh sounds and turns noise into tranquil harmonies. If you use this app you will become more focused and relaxed.

"I haven't left my house in over 15 years. After using this app for about two hours I have the courage to go to my local grocery store and feel the sunshine on my face." Ryanjam

Pro tip - You can also listen to your own music at the same time as using this app. It's great in any situation when you want to listen to music but still need to hear your environment. Try it at work or when jogging.

Attention - We do not currently support bluetooth headsets because bluetooth audio does not support high quality microphone realtime audio ( full duplex operation ). Our audio technicians are looking into this as we speak!


● SUPER HEARING - Listen with superhuman detail and quality - pro EQ included
● RELAX - Lose yourself in harmonic waves of bliss.
● HAPPY - Turn sounds around you into cascades of happiness - psychedelic!
● TALK - Fed up of boring voices? Auto-tune them into music.
● OFFICE - Can’t concentrate? Detach yourself and focus.
● SLEEP - Induce the deep and surreal dreams.
● AUTO VOLUME - Mute background noise, but still hear people when they talk to you.
● TRIPPY (New) - Beware, includes hallucinations without side-effects!
● UPBEAT (New) - Transforms the world around you into ever changing rhythms.

Each filter can be easily adjusted to dramatically change how the world around you sounds.

This app is brought to you by the original pioneers of augmented sound, the RjDj team, makers of the legendary RjDj and Inception App, which hit no1 in the AppStore and over 7 million downloads.

This app is the evolution of the RjDj augmented sound technology- download to listen for yourself!"

Fazit: Die iPhoneapp "Hear - Advanced Listening" kann in lauten Umgebungen etwas helfen, sich besser konzentrieren zu können. Wunder kann allerdings auch sie nicht vollbringen. Also einfach mal ausprobieren!




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Originallink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgCjYk1IV28

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